a craftsman and tinkerer


A mechanical jack who crafts unique objects.


Blaine is a man in his early thirties who bears visible scars across his face and hands. There are metal plates fused to his back that he can expand into a full set of functional wings at a moment’s notice. The most obvious thing about him, which is rather off-putting to some, is the faint blue glow from his veins, which is most obvious in his wrists and neck, and in the dark.

When he became of age, Blaine left his childhood home in the City of Bridges and set out for the east and into the lands beyond. He spent almost two years traveling across the Steadfast, stopping where he could be of use for a short while before continuing on. On his journey he heard tales about a tragedy that had befallen a village in the Ba’adenu Forest, which had forced the people to move into the treetops and rebuild their city out of ropes and hammocks. Knowing he could help, Blaine made his way to the village and has since spent nearly ten years in the Treetop village helping to construct platforms and a permanent, stable bridge system. Additionally, at the request of the tavernkeep, Drall, he also designed and build an airlock door for the village tavern, the Sealed Door.


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