A Nano who really does try…


A young and charming Nano who tries to create illusions.


Risso Noor was born to a Nano couple in the Plains of Kataru. His mom helped the town and when Risso became old enough to study, many thought he’d follow the same path. However, Risso did not have the same knack for illusion, but kept up his studies. Unfortunately, a terrible storm of cyclones and lightning resulted in his parents death, leaving his entire town destroyed. Risso headed towards the tree tops in hopes that he’d live up to his mother’s legacy.

While he is still perfecting his nano skills, many times he is able to use his personality to calm a situation and get out of a bind. During desperate times he is able to channel the magic to create something, but, in general, he focuses more on healing or “homemaker” like duties. Risso is ironically shy, but one-on-one conversation come with more ease. He can alter the mind with fake illusions, but most of the time, they aren’t very convincing.


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