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  • Treetops

    Where our adventure begins! The village of Treetops is located near the eastern central of the Ba-Adenu Forest. Originally the larger settlement of [[Mthymos | Mthymos]], the arboreal dwellings are all that remain a mysterious mist laid waste to the …

  • The Sealed Door Tavern

    Where our adventure begins! Owned by [[Draal | Draal]], The Sealed Door is the tavern in the village of [[Treetops | Treetops]]. The tavern kitchen is widely known for their [[Laak | laak]] stew (though for good or ill, no one will admit). The owner …

  • Mthymos

    Once a thriving forest settlement, the village of Mthymos now lies desolate. Since the coming of the mists, the inhabitants of the village were forced to abandon their homes and take to the trees, thus establishing the new village of [[Treetops | …

  • Lambent Fields

    An exciting new archaeological find has just been uncovered here!


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  • The Outer Reaches

    The Outer Reaches ("Beyond the Beyond") Though residents of the [[Steadfast | Steadfast]] tend to consider anything outside the bounds of the Nine Kingdoms to comprise “[[Beyond | The Beyond]]”, there are farther reaching territories that even the …

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