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The world of Numenera takes place in a strange and diverse setting: Earth, one billion years in the future. Most of the land mass has once again joined to form a gigantic supercontinent, leaving the rest of the globe to the mercy of a single ocean dotted with islands. The moon appears smaller, because its orbit is wider. Due to the effect this has on the planet’s rotation, days are 28 hours long. The year’s length has not changed, however, so a Ninth World year has only 313 days. Words like “week” and “month” retain their meanings. The people of the Ninth World don’t realize it, but at its current age, the sun’s luminosity should have increased to a point where life on Earth (as we know it) is impossible. And yet it continues. Something happened millions of years in the past to prevent life from disappearing. Most planets in the solar system remain, although their orbits have altered somewhat, but the planet we call Mercury is long gone. (Ninth Worlders don’t know it ever existed, so they don’t wonder why it’s absent.)

Many of the developed civilizations that comprise the Ninth World are concentrated primarily along the western coast, in an assemblage known as the Steadfast. Outside the reaches of the Steadfast is the Beyond, a realm of harsh wilderness and barren wastes, where civilization is nothing but a vague memory. Dangers in the Beyond are great, but so too are the treasures to be found.

Below is a listing of people, places, and anything else of interest that have come up during the course of our campaign.


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